Ryan and Ashley are at their best when they are active in life. Ryan is always inventing in software and 3D programs, making hospitals, museums and buildings a reality and looking for ways to make connections, earn awards, attend software conferences and keep up with technology and architectural news. Ashley is often developing her web coding, graphics and artistic skills. They bounce a lot of ideas off one another and are always problem solving. Neither of them have cable and watch tv, besides their mutual favorite sitcom the Office, but are more apt to be learning and working on the computer.

Ryan and Ashley also enjoy being outside, whether they are running, playing frisbee golf, basketball, softball, snow skiing, tennis, fishing, you name it, they are always up for a challenge and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They both got a taste of Europe on their own voyages in the summer of 2008 and hope to save and travel much more in the future before settling. Ryan and Ashley wouldn't be who they are without the love and support of their wonderful families. They both grew up in small towns and with caring and blessed families. May the two of them be even greater and grow stronger together through Christ as they become united in marriage.
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